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Customized Individual and Business Services

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What we offer

We are a small firm that provides personalized attention.


As an independent CPA firm, we offer personalized and custom products to ensure you receive the services you need as an individual or as a business owner. 

We concentrate on specific areas to offer a specialized experience.

  • General Accounting 
  • Tax Planning
  • Management Consulting & Training
  • Financial Planning
  • Professional Tax Preparation


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Customized Business Services


Many firms focus on clients with substantial assets or hefty portfolios. At Knight CPA Services we focus on the needs of all businesses. Whether you are in the preliminary stages of starting your business or have been established for years, we can assist and guide you with 

whatever accounting or management services needed.

Understandable Assistance


 We ensure that financial recommendations and management assistance are always  clear, concise, and understandable.  Accounting, analysis, and regulations can leave  any business owner feeling overwhelmed. At Knight CPA Services, LLC the information provided is presented at whatever level necessary for client understanding.

why do business with us


Dedicated Service

Every successful accounting strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. We are dedicated to help you achieve your business and personal goals.

Ensured Accuracy

Know that your business is following up to date accountancy rules and regulations. Our firm has access to the latest technical resources, training, and accounting trends. Ensure your organization is protected by using our CPA services.

Proper Organization

Keep you and your business on track. Knight CPA Services, LLC will advise you on what documentation is important and should be retained by your business. This is extremely important for accurate bookkeeping  and to ensure you and your business can get the tax breaks you deserve. 

DIY Accounting Often Fails

Many individuals and businesses face financial difficulties because of improper accounting. Huge tax bills, liens, and even the closure of businesses are the results of "bad" accounting. DIY software, can be great, however without  an understanding of accounting, it is useless.



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